How to plan a private land package?

We advise you to start researching your options early. Detailed preparation for a trip is a key to its success. We want to know as much as possible about YOU and your interests to make your travel experience «just for you». The actions required from your side is to book your air travel and apply for necessary visas, the rest we shall take care of. But again we appreciate as much information as possible to make the right private itinerary.

We want to book one of your products. Can you get us a visa? How much will it cost?

We provide our customers with all the documents needed for Russian tourist visa application (tourist vouchers or tourist invitations). But it is a responsibility of a customer to apply for a Russian tourist visa in a Russian Consulate or Embassy located in your country. Visa support documents are provided to customers who have booked accommodation through us. In this case the issue of visa support documents is free of charge. If you have booked your accommodation yourselves, you should ask your hotel about visa support.

Will you assist us in obtaining Russian tourist visa?

Unfortunately we are not able to assist with visa application process in your country. We only provide you with required visa support documentation.

For your convinience below is a list of web-sites of some Russian Embassies and Consulates.

In Canada:


In South Africa:

In Australia:

In UK:

We are on the cruise to Saint Petersburg and are planning to book one of your private tours. Do we need to apply for a Russian tourist visa?

Marina Wilson Private Tours Ltd. is an authorized Russian tour operator (MBT No 003117) and is registered by  Saint Petersburg Morskoy Façade Port. We offer our cruise clients VISA-FREE shore tours (group or private). After you have booked one of our shore tours, we supply you with all required documents (tour tickets/blanket visas/visa waivers) to go ahsore visa-free. In case you prefer to explore Saint Petersburg on your own and not to be a part of a tour group, you must apply for a Russian tourist visa in advance.

What is a required deposit to book Marina Wilson Private Tours product?

Private tours and shore tours can be booked with no deposit. Deposit of 50% of the total package cost is required for all land packages which include accommodation, train tickets or theatre tickets. As a rule we ask for 100% pre-payment of theatre and concert tickets which are non-refundable.

Do we have to pay in Russian Roubles or US Dollars?

Our prices are quoted in USD only for customers’ convenience. All payment transactions are made in Russian Roubles at the Central Bank of Russia exchange rate on the date of payment. Payment in USD or other currency is possible only by wire or PayPal. 

Is it possible to cancel pre-booked Marina Wilson Private Tours products?

For all land packages booked we ask to pay 50% deposit, 20% is non-refundable in case of any time cancellation. Unfortunately we are not able to refund ballet, theatre and concert tickets. Train tickets are refundable but with penalties. As we do not ask a deposit to be paid for only touring programmes, we kindly ask to inform us of your tour cancelation in advance!

Do you offer tours only in English or other languages available?

We have a team of guides speaking different languages. Some of the guides speak 2 or even 3 languages.