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Tailor-made Tour Packages of St Petersburg & Moscow


Create your tailor-made tour itinerary and visit Russia!

We do realise that the idea of visiting Russia might sound a bit surreal at the moment, to say the least. We are not going to lie, it is not easy but possible.

When Marina Wilson started her tour business in 2009, she focused exclusively on private tours and tour packages. Since then the company has organized hundreds of tailor-made packages for families, couples and small groups.  Therefore, we have detailed knowledge and hands-on experience of managing tour products in Russia. We deliver traditional «must-see» itineraries but also go beyond and include local life experiences.

Before you explore our land packages, we would like to stress that they are only sample ones. We love creating bespoke and individualised itineraries to suit all ages, interests and needs. Whether you are travelling on a budget or prefer to travel in style, we are eager to find the ideal itinerary for you.

It could be a slight inconvenience that we might not be able to meet in person. However, the modern world of technologies opens plenty of alternative options to connect. Why not to start with having a Zoom/Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp meeting with Marina Wilson? We will be happy to learn about your interests and hobbies. Let’s think together of the best tour style and inclusions for you.

For the initial contact we recommend to send us an enquiry to marina_s_wilson@st-petersburg-visit.com.


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