Riga Shore Tours

Riga Shore Tours

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$ 296.00 per person
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Tour Duration: 5 hours



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Wheelchair rental (price per day) 25$

Wheelchair pusher service (price per hour) 20$

Child seat rental (price per day) 10$

A 0.5l bottle of still water in the bus (price per bottle) 1$

Lunch, Transfer (at request)

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A day discovering the Latvian capital Riga may surprise you with stunning views of the Daugava riverbank, captivating stories at medieval old town and one of the best collections of striking Art Nouveau architecture in Europe.

Getting to know old town Riga is best done on foot, thus we will start by exploring the cobbled streets, legends and charming courtyards of this historic part of the city. The legendary House of Blackheads and Dome Church are among the stops on our way towards the enjoyable greenery of the Riga Opera Park. We will also reserve some time to enjoy the local atmosphere on a coffee break in an old town café.

From the Latvian folklore and past we will head to revel in the beauty of the inspiring Art Nouveau style. The unique architectural details of the period will lead us to an enchanting atmosphere in the Art Nouveau Museum right in the center of this celebrated district. Set in an authentic apartment of the era, a guided tour offers us a brilliant journey back to the daily life at the turn of the 19th century complete with the staff in period costume.

From the medieval to the present day Riga, our day of exploring is complete with a scenic drive back to the cruise port.