Bagatitsa Cossacks Show

Bagatitsa Cossacks Show

Tour availability: Any day at 20.00
50$ per person
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Russian Cossacks Folk Show is the best concert experience you can have traveling to Russia. It is truly authentic, not too «touristy» and very interactive.

Originally the show was designed for peasants and workers in the XIX century and established in «Panina’s mansion» — a local town concert hall. In time the show and the mansion itself were getting more and more popular. These days many people go see the Cossacks show just to bring back memories of the past — simple, colorful and sparkling songs with vibrant energy and endless fun.

You will see real Russian Cossacks in traditional costumes with rich, powerful vocals. The show consists of two parts and a champaign + caviar complement.

The most memorable part will probably be the interactive dance when cossacks jump off the stage and engage the audience in one big circle dancing and singing together. It gives a very good contrast to formal restaurant dinners or classic museum tours.

Please note, the hotel pick-up is not included. You will need to get there on your own. The address is Tambovskaya Ulitsa, 63, Sankt-Peterburg, 193000