Scavenger Hunt in St Petersburg

Per Person

adults only
$ 45.00
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Min 2PAX

What’s included:

A local guide, one shot of Vodka, Scavenger Hunt map, one special prize

What’s not included:

Lunch and snacks, transfer

The tour starts at Palace Square near the Alexander Column at 14:00

If you don’t know how to get there please contact us for details:, +7 921 930-65-74

St Petersburg Bronze Statues

Scavenger Hunt in St Petersburg is a truly unique experience you can be part of.
This tour-activity was designed specifically for foreign travellers who want to see St Petersburg in vivid details.
It is practically a game which combines your GPS skills, creativity and team bonding.
The rules are simple. At the meeting point, the guide gives you a map with photos of destinations you need to get to. In a team, you get there as soon as possible, take a picture with you standing the same way the statue does and dash to the next point.
Some statues are hard to reach but all of them are believed to bring luck so what you do is throw a coin at the statue’s platform (and take a picture while a team member does it). If the coin does not fall off the statue it proves your luck.
At the end of the activity, you sum up the score.
The team with the most creative set of pictures wins a prize.
During the activity, you have a chance to warm up from the cold weather in a local cafe and taste true Russian vodka.
The exact procedure is:

  • Meet the guide at Palace Square near the Alexander Column.
  • Get your map and split up into teams (If the team is fewer than 5PAX you work as one team)
  • Follow the steps in your map and take a creative picture next to each checkpoint
  • Finish your hunt and meet others at the agreed point. Visit Golitsyn Loft together for the awards presenting.